Have Some Of Your Co-workers Been Laid Off?

Is There More Stress At Your Workplace? 

Are You Worried About Your Job? 

If You Answered "Yes" To Any Of Those Questions,

You Need To Listen To,


And Now, You Can Have Your Own Copy!

This powerful audio presentation will show you what stress is really doing to people; give you 7 practical and simple keys to help you reduce stress; give you 4 steps to help you eliminate fear; show you how to increase your value and worth on the job, no matter who you work for; and, show you what the Law of Attraction has to do with any of this.

Veteran broadcaster, now public speaker, Mike Verdicchio, makes this dynamic presentation available to companies for their employees.  And now, he has recorded a special studio version that you can download - you can literally be listening to it in minutes!

"I firmly believe that any employee who hears, Reducing Stress At Work, and implements these simple practical keys, will be healthier, have more self esteem and self confidence on the job, and, have more to offer to any employer." Listen to the beginning introduction of Reducing Stress At Work.

Here is what they are saying about Reducing Stress At Work:

"It will help me to move forward and let go of the fear and anger."
Joanne M., Phoenix, Arizona"

I don't think people realize how much they are hurting themselves.  To eliminate fear and improve their work ethic can only help." 
Chris P., Glendale, Arizona

"Very helpful!  There is so much fear and uncertainty in the workplace.  Good job!"
Dana M., Peoria, Arizona

"The whole office could benefit from something like this."
Margaret F., Phoenix, Arizona"

"All valuable for me!"
Kathleen M., Phoenix, Arizona

Very helpful!  People are concerned about loosing their jobs and carry that concern with them through the day."
Vince D., Phoenix, Arizona

"The rules have changed drastically at the workplace.  This information is both timely and critical.  Even if you have been laid off, or scheduled for a lay off, you need this information today to help you to be more valuable tomorrow.

I have talked to countless employees, both before and after my "economic" layoff from CBS Radio in Phoenix after nearly 17 years. I am convinced that this material is not only helpful, but I am also convinced people need to hear it, and they need to hear it now!

I have priced it so that any employee can afford it - $14.  This is an introductory price so don't wait - take action today and invest in yourself!  What you learn in Reducing Stress At Work can give you the edge you need in these unpredictable times we live in.  The price may go up, so, order it today!

Mike Verdicchio


You'll receive an instant download of Reducing Stress At Work, and, a PDF Handout with notes and quotes from the presentation. 

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Mike presenting "Reducing Stress At Work" in Glendale, Arizona
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